Miami Dade College used PriWatt Glass for Business Analytics Lab


Miami, USA


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Project Overview

Miami Dade College used PriWatt Glass for Business Analytics Lab

Miami Dade College is the largest college in the Florida College System with over 165,000 students in 8 campuses and the second-largest college in the United States.

The Wolfson Campus, Downtown college location, is a comprehensive urban campus in the city since 1970. Located within Miami financial, governmental, technological and cultural hubs, Wolfson – a multi-million dollar architectural project – is designed to accelerate, retain, complete with opportunities and support for 600 students.

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This campus is a pioneer in implementing various innovations, trying to improve students’ environment each year, by renewing workshop classes and testing cutting-edge technology for easier educational processes.

The Smart Glass Tech team was honored to contribute to the development of this amazing place, business analytics class to be exact.

The renovation of the class has started in January 2020, and it was planned to be one of the hotspots of the building. MDC Board of Directors has always had the interest to try the Smart Glass technology – and this class presented a perfect opportunity.

As you may know, Smart Glass offers 3 major advantages for educational usage:

Instant Privacy

PriWatt® Glass is undeniably the future of academic and office conditions. Whether it be for a conference room, meeting room or a class, the biggest benefit of the Switchable Glass is the complete privacy on demand.

The shutter effect & no germs

During the sunny hours, it’s very damaging for your eyes to be looking at a TV or a laptop screen, the shadow is the must.
Switchable Glass is a perfect solution, which provides you with the opaque mode, plus it is ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. No more blinds and curtains, which were poorly rated in the spreading of bacteria.
If you wish to clean your smart glass simply turn it off and use a soft cloth and gentle soap. When done, ensure there is no water or soap left on the glass or the edges.

Rear Projection

Being, in a nutshell, a light polarizing matter, the PriWatt® Glass performs unbelievably great, literally boosting the images’ contrast and brightness.

These features allow using the rear projection even during daytime with moderate levels of ambient lighting.

In conjunction with an array of laser projectors, the PriWatt® Glass can work as a huge facade video wall, allowing everybody in the class to be engaged in the process.

As for the technical part, the total square footage of the project is 205 SF. A couple of days was enough to finish the job. For this particular project, the Smart Glass Technologies certified installer used the UL-certified 48 VAC Power Transformer (300W), which covers up to 250 SF in total.

Our Team hopes that the Business Analytics students will enjoy their innovational classroom, by bringing good grades and applying their knowledge to practice.