Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, providing privacy and dynamic control over the
transparency of glass surfaces.
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Privacy when wanted

PNLC Smart Film is also known as Adverse PDLC Film. Unlike regular PDLC smart film, PNLC film operates in reverse: it turns opaque when powered on and clear when powered off. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for both residential and commercial settings, providing privacy and dynamic control over the transparency of glass surfaces.

PNLC Interlayer

PNLC Smart Glass works on a simple principle: it turns opaque when power is on and clears when power is off.

Enhanced Clarity:
Offers superior clarity and image quality compared to other smart film technologies. It provides a high contrast ratio and exceptional visual performance in both transparent and opaque states.

Wide range of applications:
Can be used as a rear projection screen, and can be used in diverse settings, including offices, conference rooms, healthcare facilities, and residential areas.

Compatibility with curved surfaces: PNLC Interlayer is known for its compatibility with curved glass surfaces, making it suitable for installations where PDLC film may pose challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower architects, interior designers, developers, and homeowners to maximize the use of glass and natural light in their projects. Our mission is to create multi-functional space for our clients through cutting-edge smart glass technologies.

Core Values

Smart Glass Group driving core values are: smart work, team spirit, integrity, and continual assimilation of ever-developing technologies in the field of Switchable Smart Glass Technology. We are committed to excellent service and dedication to exceeding clients’ expectations.


At Smart Glass Group, our vision is to establish ourselves as the premier supplier and industry expert in switchable privacy glass solutions. With continuous research and development, we seek to pioneer the future of smart glass innovation and design.

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We are a leading manufacturer of electric and high performance glass designed to safeguard storefronts or any commercial or residential property that needs smart glass features and reliable fenestration protection.

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